Craft hauls

Supplies for junk journals

I’m back from my trip home to Melbourne where I stocked up on supplies for art journals.

Above is a picture of books and various ephemera that I got from op-shops. Trying to get into the vintage look as well as anything I like the look of.

My mum gave me a $50 voucher for my birthday for Riot Art and Craft so I got this with it:

Then here’s a bunch of ephemera I collected from my stay in Melbourne:

It includes business cards of places I ate meals at, plane tickets, the  birthday card and envelope from my mum, some art from my nephew, and some scraps he gave me just for junk journals.

I love the idea of having a basket of ephemera that I collect ephemera in for each week and then once a week I put the ephemera in my junk journal to record memorable moments and simple moments.

When I came back I bought some glue and visual diaries and some extra supplies to make the junk journals.

So excited to get stuck into making so many junk journals and experimenting with what works for me.

Do you junk journal?

11 thoughts on “Supplies for junk journals”

    1. Yay, I don’t know anyone else who junk journals as I’ve just been watching youtube videos about it. So would love to junk journal with you. Just having fun with the process and learning what I like since there are so many styles. And I love that you don’t even need to buy supplies, really, but you can just use collections of bits and pieces.

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      1. It does make me wish I was like you and had saved all the scraps! But I’m sure if I look, there’s plenty lying around the house I could use. 🙂


        1. It’s amazing how much stuff accumulates. With just one week I could make a junk journal – haha. Although, it does make me keep so many more scraps than I usually would. Maybe you could junk journal about your dog. I kept all vet notices, the grass seed that they removed from her neck one year, her dog-tag, the card the vet sent me when she died, the letter my family wrote me, etc. Not sure if that would help or be something you’re into, but just a thought.

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  1. That’s a really wonderful thought. A scrap book seems a bit overwhelming, but a junk journal might not. I definitely have saved a ton of things with her and there’s much I could put in it. That’s a really good idea. I’m going to spend more time learning about junk journaling and see how I feel about it once I understand the process. Thank you for the suggestion! ❤


    1. So true, scrapbooks take so much effort but you can just throw a junk journal together. Even if it was just a notebook and each page you can stick stuff in it and write notes about the items. That might be easier than making a journal from scratch and you can just paste in letters, notices, cards, photos, etc. and cover the whole page and have fold outs if it’s too big, or just little pieces here and there. Makes me wish I did this when I still had my dog.

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