Junk journal

Made my second junk journal

I had a stack of vintage music books and papers that I got from an antique shop and was so glad to use it for this project.

I suppose this is a more traditional junk journal than my first one since I’ve had the papers in storage for years.

This time I used an A5 visual diary as the base and it’s much easier to work with than the wooden boards I used as a base for the last one.

So I’m going to use visual diaries from now on. They’re only $2.50 each and the pages come with it so I don’t have to hole-punch and insert my own pages.

Here’s a look at some of the pages with pockets, flaps, inserts, tags, decorative features, and plenty of space and paper clips to add more paper to write on or ephemera:

One of the music books was for the saxophone and one looked like the score for a production. I also had a bunch of music paper for a piece of music with each music sheet being for a different instrument.

I loved having a range of papers to work with, rather than just straight music paper.

I’ve still got a lot of music paper left but definitely want to get more. Looking forward to going back to the antique shop and raiding their music papers. They’ve got heaps!

I’m not sure what this journal could be used for, maybe for songwriters to write lyrics or inspiration for songs. Not sure if it would work as a straight journal.

What do you think?