Junk journal

Made my first junk journal – SOLD

I had so  much fun creating this.

I’m not sure if it qualifies as a junk journal since 90% of it is made from my craft supply haul that I bought recently. The wooden book base, the page paper, the ribbons, some of the stickers, and some of the embellishments are the only things I already had.

I created in one day but it took about twelve hours. I loved every second of it.

Here’s the wooden base that I’ve had for years. I was never motivated to use it because I didn’t really know how but after seeing junk journaling I was so inspired.

For the pages I used some cardstock that I had for making cards. I covered the wooden book and the pages with paper sets that I bought in the stationery haul. Then I got decorating.

Here’s a look at some of the pages:

I love having something interesting on each page with tags, pull-out pages, flaps, pockets, etc. There are paperclips and pegs scattered throughout to add even more paper. Having a lot of space to write is a big thing for me, so the more paper I could pack in, the better.

It’s made to stand up and I love the chunkiness of it.

Instead of using it as a straight journal I’m planning to use it as an inspiration journal where I can stick photos and ephemera of things I like in it. Letters, cards, bookmarks, pages from books, things I’ve collected over the years that mean something to me.

Looking forward to making more of these.

Have you made a junk journal?

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