Craft hauls

Craft supply haul

Making and decorating journals is my new project. This craft supply shows how excited and inspired I am to get into junk journaling and bullet journaling.

This is the first time I’ve gotten a huge haul like this. So thankful for the tax money I get back each year. It’s like instant savings.

So here’s what I got:

Lots of stickers
Tags, envelopes, pretty paper clips, mini pegs, mini envelopes and cards, leaf ribbons
Washi tape
Papers and alphabet stencil
Paper trimmer, glue, pencil eraser, butterfly clips, notebooks
Storage containers to organise some of my art supplies

I tried to get items that went together so I could do themed journals.

I got a range of notebooks to experiment with which ones work best.

This is the first time I’m trying out tags and things like the paperclips and pegs because I love the idea of extra details in the journal like pockets, fold out pages, flaps, and ephemera stuck in the book without glue.

So excited to get started!


What art supplies do you want to buy?


20 thoughts on “Craft supply haul”

  1. Wow, those paper packs are beautiful. I LOVE beautiful paper. When I used to live in DC, there was a store called Paper Source and I would just wander through there, though I never really bought much because I couldn’t ever really figure out what to do with the paper. Except the one time I used it to cover outlet plates. That was a great idea!

    The art I do is a bit uncommon. It’s called felt painting. Moy McKay is my favorite artist if you want to get a sense of what it is. I have plenty of fiber to felt, but I need some supplies to do slightly bigger paintings and wet felted paintings. I have mostly done needle felting, which I love, but which is very time consuming on a large scale, so I’d like to move into wet felting so I can do larger pieces. I also need some organization supplies so my art and craft room isn’t such a disaster and I can more easily start and stop projects, though I’m not sure exactly what I need at the moment. I need to move my nephew’s playroom down into the family room so I can take my arts and craft room back! While I crochet, I do not get to express myself in that the way I do in art, so I’ve made a commitment to start doing more artistic things and felt painting is the way I am the most comfortable expressing myself. I have plenty of ideas, but need a bit of a push to take on something that feels very vulnerable to me and a few new supplies would likely be that push. After all, paintings under 6 inches are only so interesting for so long 🙂


    1. Wow, how cool. Do you ever post your artwork on your blog? Would love to see. Love that you do something a bit different and that you’re into painting. Hope you can get that push you’re looking for and turn the ideas into art. I’ve chosen the winner but thanks so much for sharing and cheering you on!

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      1. I don’t post my artwork anywhere. People always want to see it, but I hesitate to share it. It’s so very personal for me and I’ve received harsh feedback in the past, so I tend to only do art for me and maybe a person I am making it for.


        1. Totally understand. Definitely the best way to go doing art for yourself. If you ever feel like sharing it one day though, would love to see it. Not everyone will love it or get it but I trust there will be some who love it!

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  2. I have a lot of supplies already that I haven’t had the time to work with. Two of my favorite recent ones are decorative papers, mostly mulberry papers in deep rich colors, for making books and some metallic acrylic inks that are thin enough to work like fast-drying watercolor, and some opaque enough to show up on dark papers.

    The next item on my wishlist is a sheet of copper foil that I can emboss, and use it to either decorate books and household items, or enamel on for jewelry.


    1. How cool, you work with some interesting materials that I haven’t tried before. Maybe one day I will. I’ve chosen the winner but thanks so much for sharing and cheering you on in your creativity!


  3. I’ve been wanting to buy some scrapbooking supplies to create a scrapbook of me and my long-distance boyfriend’s memories. He surprised me with saving notes and brochures and maps and receipts and random paper items of our times together. Now we just have to get them all compiled 🙂


    1. I love that! I collect those kind of things too for scrapbooking but as a single person – hehe. That’s so sweet that you boyfriend saved them for you. Since the collecting of ephemera of memories and moments is something that resonates with me, I’ve chosen you as the winner. If you want to send me your email address, I’ll send the $50 to you asap. What country are you from? My email is if you want to send the details privately.


      1. Thank you! I haven’t scrapbooked much in the past, but was excited to find out we still have all those memories and it’ll be such a fun project to put together and keep collecting.

        And thanks for helping me get started with the shopping 😀 I couldn’t be more thrilled!

        My email address is and I am in the U.S.


        1. No worries at all. I’ve sent the money and with the conversion you get $40. Please let me know when it reaches you, hope it makes it safely. And enjoy getting creative!


  4. My most recent passion project is to get photos of everyone I love. A lot of times (and with women mostly) we don’t want to be in pictures because we are afraid of how we look or don’t want to judged. But let me tell you that shouldn’t be the case because when you love someone you over look the flaws and want to cherish the memories. I wanted to start this project because I recent lost someone I loved dearly and when I went searching for pictures I found one. I don’t want to lose out on these things again and more importantly I don’t want my son to miss out on them all if something were to happen to me or his father. So I would love to purchase scrapbook supplies to help preserve memory.


    1. This is such a great idea. I love it! You were a close second for the giveaway as I love the preserving of memories and the thought behind your art. Thank you so much for sharing and hope you get this creative project going.


  5. Art has always been a huge part of my life. Whether it be through painting, drawing, or writing, it has been essential in keeping me sane.

    The two projects that I have kept up with the most recently have been journaling and photography. I would love to buy some new supplies for my journal such as scrapbook paper and a paper cutter. I love the beautiful designs on scrapbook paper, but it can get really expensive. I have also been looking in investing in a good paper cutter because I am awful at cutting paper on my own, and it never comes out straight. These would definitely be good additions to add to my journaling hobby 🙂


    1. Me too, it’s there whenever I need it to de-stress or just for pure enjoyment.
      Those are to creative activities I love. I’ve chosen the winner but thanks so much for sharing and really hope you get the papers and paper cutter.

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